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Do you struggle daily with bloating, gas, and diarrhea?
You don’t have to…

Doctor Develops Leaky Gut & IBS Miracle! And Why your current gut solution isn’t helping

Dr. Steve Hruby, Founder of Superhumn & Kaizen Health &Wellness Scottsdale, AZ

Put a stop to those miserable digestive issues:

▶︎ Tired of walking around with a bloated stomach?

▶︎ Tired of being embarrassed by dreaded bathroom emergencies? 

▶︎ Tired of letting stomach discomfort ruin your mood?

The supplement that promised you results aren't working. Why?

Not all gut health supplements are created equal. Optima is the new gold standard of gut health supplements.

You’ve tried what feels like every solution to put an end to your digestive woes, but nothing quite works..

Optima is unlike any other gut health formula on the market with proven results. With Optima you can spend less time in the bathroom or keeled over in pain and start feeling the benefits of:

More energy so that you can get through your day with ease

A flatter stomach so that you can feel confident in that dress you’ve been waiting to wear

Increased focus so that small tasks become easier and more efficient

Never having to walk into a restaurant and worry about where a bathroom is

Eliminate gas pain and less bloating so you can enjoy social events again

No embarrassing bathroom moments

⬇️ Do These Sound Familiar? ⬇️

✔️ Your stomach feels heavy & bloated after eating a normal-sized meal

✔️ Feels like the food you eat doesn’t get digested or is fermenting in your gut

✔️ Missing out on precious moments because you were on the toilet

✔️ Constantly gassy or bloated but blame it on “eating too fast”

✔️ Feels like you’re operating at half-capacity although you’re eating well & exercising regularly

⬇️ Ever feel like this? ⬇️

Why Choose Optima?

⬇️ When You Order, You Get More Than Just Optima ⬇️

The 30-Day Better Brain Program

This program will teach you how to optimize your sleep, your gut health, your energy & movement, and create balance in your nervous system.

Access To Our Best Selling Gut Health Ebook

Dr. Steve’s ebook will cover specific examples, solutions, and tips to ensure you a healthy gut. You’ll learn what causes & heals leaky gut syndrome, what to eat to support a healthy gut, and more!

Access To Our VIP Facebook Community

You’ll get access to our private VIP Facebook community where you can connect with people facing similar issues while receiving tips, tricks & support from our team.

What Makes Us Different?

A doctor formulated, potent blend of gut healing and digestive supporting ingredients you won’t find in other blends.

Is the dosage effective? Has there been research studies done using this dosage?

Do quick google search of the ingredient you’re looking at, for example GUT HEALTH and L- GLUTAMINE and you’ll quickly see many studies using 5 grams.Yet most companies use far less?  

2. Are they using fillers, flow agents or binders to BLOAT the product, so it looks fuller?

In 99% of capsules, you’ll see this. Grab one from your shelf and you’ll see some ingredients like this.

They use these because it’s cheaper than using an active ingredient/herb.In a powdered product they’ll do it to make the container look “more full”

3. Are they hiding the dosages with a proprietary blend?

The Trick with Propriety formulas- are they good or bad? Well formulas are great. But when they hide the dosages of each individual ingredient it may not be good.

A little secret in the industry is to put: Proprietary blend 560 mg on the label. Then listing 2-8 ingredients next to it.

The Trick is putting more of the cheapest ingredients in, up to 555 mg and just 1 mg of the more expensive ingredients.

Not all gut health supplements are created equal…Optima is the new standard in gut health.

✔️ Optima contains the daily optimal dosage of L-Glutamine for maximum effectiveness so you can feel better, faster

✔️ Our powerful digestive enzyme blend works together so your body can break down dairy, carbs, fats, and proteins! Most digestive enzymes hit one or two of those, but rarely all 4! Optima makes sure ALL nutrients get broken down, and absorbed properly by your body

✔️ Proprietary blends often hide the dosages of each individual ingredient. This means companies put more of the cheaper ingredients in, less of the expensive more effective ingredients

✔️ Unlike many other gut health brands, Optima uses 0 fillers. All of your money is truly going to gut healing ingredients for better digestion

✔️ Unlike most nutrition labels, ours discloses ALL ingredients and their amounts, so you can rest assured you are getting the doctor recommended amount of ingredients to ease your symptoms as fast as possible

Healed Gut Health is Just 3 Steps Away...

Are you ready to reduce inflammation, improve nutrient absorption & heal your gut lining?

Step 1

Mix 1 scoop of Optima in a glass of hot water. You can also choose to add it to your favorite smoothie

Step 2

Consume 1-2 cups daily. It’s best to take it right when you wake up (make it part of your new morning routine)

Step 3

Sit back, relax & enjoy the healing benefits of Optima! It will get to work as soon as it enters your digestive tract

⬇️ Real People, Real Results, Real Relief ⬇️

Why SuperHumn?

Over the past 20 years Dr. Steve has helped thousands of people improve their health & well being at his practice Kaizen Progressive Wellness in Scottsdale, Arizona. He founded SuperHumn to share his knowledge, and offer guidance and support to more people around the country and around the world.


BONUS 1: The 30-Day JumpStart Program

Our 30-day Biohack Jumpstart program is different from anything else out there! This will teach you how to optimize your sleep, your gut health, your energy & movement, and create balance in your nervous system.

I created this program because everyone needs these tools to achieve real substable health. I wanted to create a shortcut for you to cut through all the information and misinformation out there! We all know some of the information is good, but let’s face it, most of it sucks…I wanted to help you simply and effectively help you achieve the real health that you see and feel.

I wanted to teach you what I have learned from research, my trial & error, and years of practicing as a wellness /longevity doctor and helping 1000s of people with these same frustrations. So if you’re ready, let’s start! 

BONUS 2: Access To Our Best Selling Gut Health Ebook

This ebook will guid you through all of the tips and healthy solutions that are responsible for maintaining a healthy gut over time. Dr. Steve will go over specific examples, solutions, tips, tricks, to make sure you won't have gut health problems anymore moving forward. These are some of the topics that are covered in this ebook:
- what causes leaky gut
- What NOT to eat to avoid gut issues
- What to eat
- Step by step guide to heal a leaky gut
-Sustaining a healthy gut biome
- And a lot more!

BONUS 3: Access To Our VIP Facebook Community

If you take action today we'll give you instant access to our VIP Facebook community where we do lives, share tips, solutions to your gut health. We know that this is a world full of biased information and that it can be a challenge to know what is the best route for your health. This community will give you the opportunity to connect with people that are dealing with your same problems, while receiving support from our driven team to make sure you all are in the right path to the best healthy gut. Other than sharing tips and useful information Dr. Steve will go live during the week to answer all the questions you have. 

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✔️ Get your gut health in check
✔️ Let go of stress and anxiety
✔️ Supercharge your energy levels
✔️ Gain mental clarityLet go of bad habits

We think gut health is a serious matter, so we take our promise to heal yours seriously!

We always put the customer first. That's why your order comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our Optima Healthy Gut, we'll happily refund you within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked.


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