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In this video, we’re going to be discussing our superhuman supplement, Optima. Optima was created to help support you with your gut health.

Your gut health is one of the pillars in our superhuman jumpstart program to achieving superhuman health. And the reason gut health is so important is that so many people out there are suffering from some form of the leaky gut syndrome. And what leaky gut syndrome leads to is a whole slew of health problems in our bodies. First off, let’s talk about why leaky gut is such a problem. Well, it really has to do with the lifestyle choices, largely the food choices that we are putting and consuming into our bodies. Processed foods are the number one thing. And most of the foods that people are eating nowadays are processed. That along with eating too much gluten, dairy, such as milk, cheese, other dairy products, too much sugar, too many carbs. All of these things are helping create these leaky guts and syndromes.

It’s also just the stress of life. When you’re stressed out, where do you feel stressed in your body more often than not? You feel it in your gut. And we actually physiologically know that being overly stressed can lead and contribute to the leaky gut syndrome as well. Leaky gut is an epidemic problem in this country, but really throughout the world. And when I say this country, I’m saying the US and in the Western world. But these problems actually are developing more and more throughout the world as they pick up our bad habits here in the Western world that we have.

What does leaky gut lead to? Well, auto-immune is probably the number one problem or at least a serious problem that we see created with leaky gut syndromes. Autoimmune diseases, leaky gut is probably the number one cause and contribute to autoimmune diseases.

And if you look at the numbers, the stats of what’s been happening with the number of people getting autoimmune diseases in the last 50 years, it is just staggering how year, after year, after year, these numbers are increasing. It is leading to things like food sensitivities, which are essentially allergies to seemingly healthy foods that people develop when they’re not properly breaking down the food because they have these leaky gut-type problems. And that’s causing these types of food sensitivities that develop in people. Malabsorption, you’re just not absorbing your food, the nutrients in your food when you have a leaky gut. Your gut’s not fully breaking down the food so now you’re not absorbing the nutrients that you should be getting from those foods. And a whole slew of just digestive issues, things like heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, the list goes on and on. Digestive issues are very commonly caused or being contributed to by leaky gut type syndrome as well.

Very important that we wanted to create a really top of the line gut formula to help with any leaky gut syndrome that you might be having, but then also to support a healthy gut. There’s a lot of great things in here. I’m just going to list off some of those things. We will be diving deep into the science of what these different things do in other videos. One of the things that are in here that is so good for your gut is a thing called L-glutamine, which is an amino acid, which is going to help heal leaky gut. We know this scientifically and also support you in maintaining a healthy gut. What’s also in here, we have great digestive enzymes. There are digestive enzymes here that are going to help break down food and properly digest that food via the good digestive enzymes that are in here.

There are a lot of things that we know in nature that will help support a healthy gut. Things like licorice root, slippery Elm, marshmallow root. Those are all in this product formulated, the proper amounts, to help you get really superior results with your gut health. And then probably my favorite thing that is in here is there is 25 billion per serving, there are 25 billion probiotics in here. Six different strands of probiotics. And probiotics, as you probably know, are so important to maintain a healthy gut flora, the bacteria in your gut that actually break down food and help you properly absorb food. So all of those things, all those great things are in Optima, our healthy gut formula.

Really excited for you guys to be utilizing this and getting good results with that. We will see you very soon. Bye for now.

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Over the past 20 years, Dr. Steve Hruby has helped thousands of people improve their health & well-being at his practice, Kaizen Progressive Wellness in Scottsdale, Arizona. He founded SuperHumn to share his knowledge, and to his offer guidance and support to more people around the country and around the world

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